An Illustrator’s Dream – Time with Dean Alston

Dean Alston is the editorial cartoonist for The West Australian newspaper and this week took time out of his busy day to visit with Year 10 student, Aubrey Basuki.  Many students and staff in the Year 10 community are aware of Aubrey’s talent as an illustrator.   Her work has featured in short films, posters for IWD, eBooks, history lessons and RE presentations.  Many have enjoyed Aubrey’s artwork on Instagram and she shares hundreds of drawings with over 12,000 followers.

In determining what direction to pursue with her further studies, Aubrey thought it might be great to meet people in the field.  Dean Alston shared his journey from cartographer to cartoonist and summed up his work by saying,  “My job is to comment on the news, hopefully in a funny way and to excite a bit of comment along the way.”

Dean was incredibly impressed with Aubrey’s cartoons and social commentary and has invited her to spend more time with him and his team in the joint West Australian/Channel 7 news room to enjoy the buzz of breaking news and the challenge it presents for a cartoonist.

Mr Alston has also recommended Aubrey to the UWA School of Design to discuss work in the area of Graphic Novels.  Some very exciting times ahead for Aubrey!


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