Busting Myths: Year 7 Mythbusters Science Fair

Excited students from Years 5 and 6 attended the MythBusters Science Fair today in the Super Lab. The girls were full of wonder and had loads of questions for their Year 7 hosts.

Years 5 and 6 classes were invited to the Science Fair, giving the Year 7 MythBusters class an opportunity to share the amazing work they have been doing this semester. The girls were eager to answer questions and share their research with the guests.

Below are some of the questions, the class has been investigating.

  • How does oil affect marine life, and how can we solve it?
  • Does the colour pen you write with, affect your memory and help you remember more?
  • Does watching cat and dog videos relieve stress in a similar way to interacting with a real dog or cat?
  • Can drinking tea calm you down – which type of tea helps to calm the most?
  • How does the amount of heat affect the speed of a candle carousel?
  • Which materials can block a wi-fi signal and how can we make buildings wi-fi friendly?

Myth Busters is a fun Science elective where students can learn more about the scientific method and participate in some project-based, hands-on learning while designing an experiment of their choice.

In 2019, the course will be called STENgineers and will give our girls many more opportunities to further their science and engineering skills.

Below is some feedback from the Year 5 and 6 students who attended:

I liked that groups were trying to find out how brains work.
 The group explained their ideas very well. It was excellent because they showed us how the surface of the water gets covered in oil.
 The group showed information using facts and diagrams and they explained their idea.
 The groups showed diagrams that helped me see how they used science to help with a problem. They made sure we understood.
 One group showed what stops the internet from working. I learned to put the device away from thick walls because this makes the internet slower.
 They tested their idea over and over to be sure that they had the right reason. We liked how much they had learned and shared with us.

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