Catholics Called to Action

Laudato Si’ Week (celebrated from 16-24 May) is a call to action for Catholics around the world to join in reflecting and bringing to action Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si (2015). During this week, Pope Francis invites everyone to integrate the work already begun in taking better care of our environment. Whether you are an artist, activist, economist, parent, or student, the encyclical and accompanying action plans provide a realistic yet hope-filled invitation “for a new dialogue about how we are shaping the future of our planet” (LS n 14).

What is Laudato Si?

Laudato Si, is not merely a statement by Pope Francis on climate change. Rather, it offers a new vision of the world as wonderful as the vision from Revelation 21:1: “a new heaven and a new earth”.

Laudato Si invites us to recognise the brokenness of our planet while praying and planning for a more peaceful interconnected world. We are all called to work together to take better care of our common home.

What can we do?

Change our attitude!

Young people must drive the change in attitude towards the planet. Now more than ever, young people are voicing their passion for sustainability. We have the responsibility to encourage and support them in the vital role they can play in developing sustainable ways of accessing the earth’s resources.

Be ambassadors for the earth!

Let us heed the call of Pope Francis to “hear the cry of the earth” (LS n 2). Everyone, he urges, has the responsibility to do their part in protecting our fragile earth. It is not optional!

Reuse and re-purpose

We must stop being slaves of consumerism. Instead of wanting more, we need to re-evaluate our need to consume more and more products. Reusing or repurposing items instead of immediately discarding them is much better for the environment and our pockets.

Be informed

A good education on what is harmful to the planet plants the seeds of sustainable actions, which will continue to bear fruit for generations to come.

Work together

A collective approach is needed when it comes to conservation. The environmental challenges we are experiencing concern and affect all of us. Unfortunately, it is the most impoverished nations that bear the biggest brunt of our indiscriminate use of the environment.

Our College is adopting a whole-school approach to sustainability. We recognise our responsibility as stewards of creation, and hence we are making sustainability the heart of everything we do. By educating our students and staff, and the development of partnerships with like-minded communities, we are working towards a better future for everyone.  Let us all work to protect life, preserve that which sustains life, and care for our common home. The challenge is urgent; the time for action is now!

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