Commissioning Our 2022 Leaders

It was with great pleasure that the newly elected student leaders for 2022 were commissioned by Principal Jennifer Oaten at an assembly in front of family and friends.

Each leader gave the following commitment: “We promise to live by Christian standards of behaviour at all times. We commit to using the talents given to us by God for the benefit of others. We will strive to be positive role models in all aspects of College life, demonstrating genuine concern for our peers through kind words and actions that inspire others to do the same.”

Head Girl, Elouise Parsons, on behalf of all the leaders, gave the following speech:

We promise to strive to lead our College in a truly Christ-like way by serving others with generosity and honesty.

Through our wholehearted effort, we will promote a positive school spirit. We will preserve and promote the Mercy tradition and support those who are struggling in life. 

We will strive to approach our studies with diligence and commitment. We will help to build a College community that is caring, loving and just. 

It is to stand before you as the 2022 Head Girl and to lead all SRC and SLC leaders today in their commitment to serve this community with integrity, generosity, diligence and good humour. 

We are mindful of the shoulders we stand on, of strong young women who have gone before us, who said ‘yes’ to leadership and we are grateful for the experience and wisdom they have shared with us.

We are also appreciative of the support and encouragement of our families, and we thank them for being here today and journeying with us over the next year.  We will no doubt seek your guidance as we navigate the road ahead. 

Our Mercy Heritage is enduring, and we have much to learn from the early Sisters who paved the way in modelling resilient, resourceful and community-based leadership.  Their strength was their ability to be in a good relationship with the community they served.  A lesson for all of us. 

It is our role to make sense and meaning of what it is to be a Santa Maria College student in 2022.  To tackle the challenges put before us, to give generously of our time and resources to those in need, to attend to our studies with dedication and commitment, to build good relationships with our teachers and with each other. 

The year ahead will offer many opportunities and my advice to you is to grab those opportunities wholeheartedly and make a difference in this community, shape it and leave it better for those who follow in your footsteps.  

I would like to end by sharing with you a quote from Michelle Obama that reminds me of the importance of our commitment to leadership: “If I make a commitment, I stand by that commitment and try to make it real.  Because when we become leaders the most important thing we have is our word and our trust.  That’s where respect comes from.”

We are mindful of the shoulders we stand on, of strong young women who have gone before us, who said ‘yes’ to leadership and we are grateful for the experience and wisdom they have shared with us.

Academic Captain Dilara Wijesinghe
Eco Justice Captain Brooke Murphy
Liturgy Captain Niamh Smithies
Media Captain Zoe Bolden
Music Captain Lucy Dal Molin
Performing Arts Captain Olivia Taliangis
Service Captain Abby Young
Sports Captain Alli Nokes
Visual Arts Captain Natalie Loach
Wellbeing Captain Karin Boulton
Deputy Head Boarder Bronnie Goss
Deputy Head Girl Alicia Tory
Head Boarder Sarah Currell
Head Girl Elouise Parsons
ByrneSigrid Hall & Lexi Oliver
CorbettLucy Collins & Mia Fogden
de la HoydeKatherine Denner & Skye Letizia
DillonSamantha Halliday & April Lea
FrayneAshlee Chafer & Scarlett Weaver
KellyLilly Blair & Jorja Reeve
O’DonnellSiena Monck & Sienna Patane
O’ReillyGrace Peacock & Kaia Spark
ByrneNishi Jayawickrema & Alexa McAullay
CorbettJodie Ophel & Sophie Shepherd
de la HoydeIsabel Bauer & Amanda Nguyen
DillonNatasha Mark-Amin & Yazmin Peach
FrayneEvie Castley & Amelia Sucur
KellyIsabella Mowday & Lily Richardson
O’DonnellGiulia Di Biase & Sophia Marra
O’ReillySienna Creek & Sophie Muir
ByrneAllegra Tsagaris & Miranda Young
CorbettOlivia Fuller & Elizabeth Wignell
de la HoydeIsabel Martinez & Abigale Smith
DillonBrooke Hitchcock & Myah Waldock
FrayneSophie Parker & Isabella Morrison
KellyJasmine Leighton & Kallysta Lim
O’DonnellShayla Keane & Kristine Singh
O’ReillyIsabel Auld & Madison Pino
ByrneEmma McDonnell & Eden-Lee Thompson
CorbettEmma Loughnan & Alyssa Mulgat
de la HoydeParker Brindle & Isabella Coubrough
DillonGrace Praxl & Sienna Walker
FrayneEva Longstaff & Gemma Smart
KellyRuby Mastaglia & Addison Opalinski
O’DonnellElla Ackinclose & Asha Richardson
O’ReillyOlivia Creek & Olivia Dowling
ByrneIsabella Da Costa & Jasmine Fuller
CorbettAmelia Cobley & Olivia Mirco
de la HoydeAnais Nicholls & Sophie Wheat
DillonMaya Lavender & Mabel Worrall
FrayneLily Leeson & Eva Reading
KellyHannah Miller & Alyssa Stipinovic
O’DonnellSacha Auton & Bronagh Fowler
O’ReillyElizabeth Kane & Ella Prophet
ByrneLianne Kim
CorbettWillow Marshall
de la HoydeHavanna Ferraro
DillonCourtney Binns
FrayneMilla Cicerello
KellyAbbie Wilcox
O’DonnellAbigail Sheehan
O’ReillyZosha Stelmach

Abbey Simkin

Emmi Duff

Eliza Treasure

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