Connecting Learning to Life in Year 12 Religion and Life

There is no doubt that technology enhances the learning experiences available to our students.  Our Year 12 Religion and Life ATAR students joined in an online conversation with other members of the Australian Mercy network.  This included people from Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.  John Rochester (Communications Manager for The Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea) facilitated this event and Sister Meredith Evans and Sister Kathryn O’Neill shared their stories.

The online conversation between the Sisters focused on ‘Mercy and Refugees’ and their shared experiences of walking alongside those seeking asylum in Australia. They reflected on the implications of current government policy and encouraged voters to consider the ‘Choose Humane’ campaign ( ahead of the upcoming Federal election.

A great example of ‘Connecting Learning to Life’ as our students were able to connect their classroom learning about the issue and the Church’s response to the Sisters lived experience.

Here is a link to the video presentation

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