Year 6 Students Welcome their Grandparents and Special Friends

Our grandparents hold a special place in our hearts. A common belief about grandparents, they are put on earth to spoil their grandchildren! Grandparents offer their grandchildren a different perspective on life and exposure to the past that they can’t always get from their parents or other family members.

Today at Grandparents Day, the Year 6 girls not only celebrated their relationship with their grandparents but took time to reflect on their special bond.

We started the day with Mass led by Monsignor Keating. Students then escorted their grandparents to their classrooms and proudly showed off their work and learning environments. The day ended with a lovely morning tea.

A recurring theme from the grandparents was how much they wished they went to school today. They spoke about the different opportunities and beautiful learning environment their granddaughters enjoy. The grandparents loved hearing about fond memories of their granddaughters, from playing Canasta to favourite recipes and funny stories. It was a beautiful day.

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