Have Sum Fun Maths Competition

Over the past two weeks, we have had some of our talented mathematicians compete in the Have Sum Fun competitions run by MAWA (Mathematical Association of WA).

On Friday 10 March, we had two teams of our senior girls in Years 11 and 12 compete. Then a week later, on 17 March, we had two teams from Years 7 and 8 compete. Two teams from Years 9 and 10 competed at All Saints College. Two teams from Years 5 and 6 competed on Saturday 18 March.

The students worked very hard in the competitions, which takes the format of a quiz night style of event. They held their own in some very tough tie-breakers and problem solving questions. The girls had to tackle some very challenging questions within tight time limits. Our girls performed well and a highlight was the way in which they worked together as teams from different year groups. It was wonderful to see the girls understand how challenging and rewarding maths can be in real life.

Big congratulations to the girls for their wonderful persistence, their efforts and hard work. Such events cannot take place without support from amazing staff. Many thanks go to Fan Li, Ben Walker and Kirsten Hatch, who ran all the practice session for the girls in the lead up to the event and supported our girls throughout the competition. An extra thank you to Fan for his organisation so Santa Maria College could be part of this MAWA competition. We already have girls wanting to compete again next year!

Have Sum Fun provided an exciting and challenging opportunity to expand our thinking and mathematical abilities whilst having fun and meeting new people.

Madeleine Haines | Year 10, Byrne

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