IGSSA Swim Meet Success

The annual IGSSA Swimming Carnival is always an exciting time for Santa Maria and this year was no different. After a night of competition and fun, we would like to specifically acknowledge and celebrate the hard work of the Year 11 girls.

For the past five years; since they were in Year 7, the Year 11 girls have always, unfortunately, placed last. The girls decided this year would be different. The weeks of training, hard work and determination paid off on Friday night when it was announced the girls had placed 6th.

Claudia Rich said “When our name was called out in 6th place we screamed with excitement. We thought WOW, our determination, pain and early morning trainings had paid off, and we were no longer on the bottom. Our placing was proof to us that encouragement and commitment can get you to your goals.”

Congratulations to the Year 11 girls for your achievement and hard work this year. Keep up the great work, and we look forward to seeing what you achieve next year.

The Year 11 swimming team was:
Alicia Plant
Claudia Rich
Emily Cleaver
Emily Della Bona
Genevieve Brown
Grace Kelly
Helena Kang
Isadora La Bianca-Jorgensen
Jenna Clark
Meg Hebiton
Megan Cranley
Rose Nesesham
Sophie Eastaugh
Taylah Sugg
Tehya Conro

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