Introducing New Staff Member, Jane Murray, Dean of Students – Year 8

We’d like to introduce you to Jane Murray, new to Santa Maria College this year and taking on the role of Dean of Students – Year 8.

What is your role this year at the school?
Dean of Students – Year 8

What schools have you taught at in the past and in what roles?
My most recent teaching experience was at Perth College where I had many roles: Director of Drama and Dance, Assistant Head of Performing Arts, Year Coordinator – Years 8, 9 and 10 and last year as Acting Dean of Students Years 7 – 12.

What are you most looking forward to in this role?
Becoming a part of the Santa Maria College community and working with the Year 8s.

What is your biggest challenge this year?
Getting to know everyone as quickly as possible …..&…..Riding my Vespa up the Mitchell freeway to get to work!

When looking back at the end of the year what do you hope to have achieved?
I hope I have made and kept many authentic relationships with my colleagues and our students and that as Dean, I have been able to help others to get the very best out of their education; feeling valued for all that they give to this community.

 During your career who has inspired you the most?
I have had some extraordinary teachers throughout my education and worked with inspiring women and men who bring passion, dedication and skill to their roles. I love teaching because it is the kind of calling that makes work different every day. Fundamentally my inspiration has always come from watching others deliver that, and there have been many.

What is your favourite quote?
‘Don’t over think, just start’

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