Kristen Lloyd (2008): Youngest Specialist Vet Surgeon in the Country

Since leaving Santa Maria studying, Kristen Lloyd (Class of 2008) has spent most of her time studying! She finally finished last year, becoming a registered specialist equine surgeon and hospital director at West Coast Veterinary Hospital.

She shares her story with us below.

I went straight from high school into Veterinary School at Murdoch University for six years. I graduated with Honours and then went straight into an internship at the world-renowned Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital in Victoria. I moved to the University of Melbourne to undergo my three-year surgery residency following my time there. I completed a dual master’s during this time and published multiple papers associated with my thesis dissertation.

After completing that, I moved home to Western Australia to work and study for my Fellowship exams, which I passed, becoming the youngest specialist veterinary surgeon in the country!

It’s been a very long road but completely worth it.

One of the highlights has been the professional connections I’ve made. I have colleagues I have become friends with worldwide and who I call on frequently! They come in very handy while travelling.

As a boarder at Santa Maria, one of my fondest memories was definitely downtime with the girls! And sport; I played hockey, cricket, tennis, softball, basketball and athletics – you name it! One of the girls I met at school is still one of my closest friends.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Kristen!

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