Leadership in Boarding

The Year 11 boarders are currently focused on leadership.  As future Year 12s of Boarding, they are all leaders regardless of whether or not they choose to submit an application for one of the official roles.

The girls have just returned from a two-day leadership camp at Forrest Edge near Waroona.  The focus at camp was teamwork, encouragement and positive peer pressure.  Run in conjunction with the Aquinas Boarding community, the girls participated in workshops involving physical challenges and others where positive leadership was discussed.  The boarders have been asked to think about their legacy and to describe ways of building community.  They were certainly articulate and thoughtful in expressing the possibilities for their final year and I very much look forward to seeing their positive contribution.

The Forest Edge Campsite was completely destroyed in the January 2016 bushfires.  It was rebuilt following this devastating fire which burned for 17 days and ruined the townships of both Waroona and Yarloop.  The camp facility is almost new, has incredible views over the valley and cleverly accommodates a wide range of activities.  The Year 11 students had a wonderful weekend and I hope you enjoy the photos from camp.

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