Life After Santa

Transition is all about change. Making the change from high school to university or the workplace is a crucial step that our Year 12 students are about to embark on. Figuring out how to make this transition smooth and successful was one of the aims of Life Beyond Santa.

The Year 12 Parent Representatives invited a few past students and past parents to form a panel, to share their experiences with current Year 12 students and parents. Each speaker had a unique experience following their own pathways into tertiary life.  A current thread shared was to be open to change and adapt, surround yourself with supportive family and friends, nurture your own dreams and passions, work hard and look for opportunities to develop professionally and as an individual.

Parents discussed the importance of supporting their children through the decision making process in regards to choosing pathways post-school. Parents embraced change, encouraged independence and fostered a safe space at home, for their children to land when life ‘went a bit wobbly.’

“Life is change.” Heraclitus of Ephesus

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