Why Consider Materials Design & Technology

Materials Design and Technology (MDT), for many of you, might not be a subject that you are familiar with at Santa Maria College. You might have even overlooked it when scrolling through the many courses available on offer in both ATAR and General.

So What Is MDT?

MDT is a subject that follows on from Years 9 & 10 Fashion and Textiles, and it is a subject that offers both an ATAR and GENERAL level.

Choosing MDT as an ATAR Course

One of the great things about this course is that it is perfect for those students who want to use their creative skills and talents. It is an excellent List B subject and a great one for a student whose strengths are not in Science or Mathematics.

How does it scale?

As to the age-old question of scaling – there was some scaling experienced by our students last year, but scaling is not what should determine your subject selection. Scaling can be largely unreliable. One of our students used this subject as her second-highest scoring subject and attained an ATAR of 91. MDT is a legitimate subject choice for girls who enjoy and are good at Fashion and Textiles.

What are the benefits?

  • Universities and employers recognise the need for students to develop creativity and this subject will help with this. We do not know what jobs we are preparing them for in the future.
  • Assessment is both practical and theory and makes a nice change to some of the other constant theory workload of Year 12.

Future or Fun?

You might be considering MDT if you are looking to work within the Fashion industry in the future but not every course you take in Years 11 and 12 needs to directly link with future studies. If you take this course because you love it and are good at it, you are more likely to succeed.

Want to know more?

If we have caught your attention and you would like to talk to me about this subject, please email me spark.danielle@santamaria.wa.edu.au.[mk_image heading_title=”Material Design and Textile Students” src=”https://santamaria.wa.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/image002-1.jpg” class=”size-full” />

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