Meet Our Staff: Des de Villiers, College Accountant

How long have you worked at Santa Maria? 
I started at the College in 2009. It feels like my first day was only yesterday, yet it is almost 11 years since I started in my role.

What is your role at the College and what does that entail?
I am the College Accountant. My role encompasses everything to do with Accounts Payable all the way to completing the College accounts for submission to Mercy Education Limited and annual audits as well as assisting the Business Manager when required.

How did you get into accounting? 
I always enjoyed accounting when I was at school. My father knew this and when his business grew to the point he was no longer able to manage on his own he asked me if I would assist him in setting up an accounting software package. The rest is history.

What’s the best part of your job? 
The people at Santa Maria College are the best part of my job. My daily interactions with all the wonderful staff at the College and especially our team in the Finance Office, who work so well together, make it a pleasure to come to work. Santa Maria College is probably one of the happiest work environments I have had the pleasure of working in. 

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 
My spare time is spent pursuing many different interests. One of which is growing orchids. I have a shade house in which I grow mostly cymbidium and oncidiinae orchids as well as a few paphiopedilum and phragmipedium. I love the fact orchids have such a wide range of different flowers, all of which are so unique. The other benefit of the hobby, other than providing me with hours of relaxation pottering about in the shade house, is I never seem to have to buy flowers. I have something in bloom for most of the year. 

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