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After inviting Year 11 students to consider being an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion for 2022, 26 students took up the invitation and underwent their first training session on Tuesday after school.

The first part of the training session included theory, where students explored and reflected on:

  • The real presence and significance of Christ in the eucharist
  • The call of adult Christians to be witnesses of the Gospel
  • The order of the Mass
  • The history of the ministry
  • The role and responsibility of the ministry

The second part of the training session consisted of:

  • Silent reflection on the significance of the ministry
  • Practical steps on the distribution of the Eucharist

Students had the opportunity to recall and reflect on their own commitment as adult Christians and the special role entrusted to them to serve members of their community.

Below, some of the girls share why they wanted to become Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.

“I always wanted to be an Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Communion because I like being involved in the Mass. The Eucharist is such an important part of the Mass and I would feel honoured to be able to serve communion to the assembly.” Abby Young

“It will allow me to grow a stronger and deeper connection with God and feel the deeper presence of Jesus. It is a wonderful way to model my faith.” Chloe Williams

“I wish to become an Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Communion in order to deepen my relationship with God and serve my community.” Alicia Tory

The second training session will continue at the start of the new school year when they learn to become more familiar with the practical aspects of the tasks.

The students, and two staff who also attended the training, will be commissioned in their ministry at our College Opening Mass next year, on Tuesday 8 February.

I thank the students and staff who have committed themselves to this ministry and look forward to working with them as they continue to nurture and explore their own devotion to the Eucharist whilst serving others.

Jilly Landers | Dean of Mission

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