National Science Week 2019

This week Santa Maria is celebrating National Science Week. The theme for this year is Destination Moon and the Periodic Table. Each day the girls have been presented with challenging quizzes and fascinating activities around these two themes.

During their lunch break on Wednesday, the girls had the opportunity to make methane bubbles and elephant’s toothpaste. This complex chemical reaction was facilitated by teachers. The elephant’s toothpaste reaction demonstrates the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and is an exothermic reaction. This means the foam produced is hot, which is why you might notice some girls have their hands out in the photos. The methane bubbles, on the other hand, demonstrates that gas rises and that it can combust if heat is introduced.

Head of Science, Ailsa Harris said, “Science Week has been a great opportunity for students to learn about a whole range of different career pathways. Most importantly, the week has shown  the girls how much fun science can be.”

The Brain Break morning tea quizzes have left even our smartest Science teachers scratching their heads. With questions like, “What is the common name for the thylacine?” it’s no surprise. And before you go to Google that yourself, the answer is Tasmanian tiger. Parents were also given the chance to respond to the same brainteasers via social media, with similar stunned responses.

To coincide with the theme of Destination Moon, the girls have had the chance to explore Google’s Space Adventure through virtual reality headsets. Slightly disorientated at first, the students loved the experience of walking the planets first-hand.

Brian Cox’s TV series The Planets was screened during lunch breaks. This series provided students with a fascinating insight into the beauty and vastness of our solar system.

Putting their smartphones to good use, students were also given the chance to submit Science-related jokes, which were then published in the daily notices and social media. They also had the chance to take NASA selfies, an example of which, is below.

National Science Week aims to teach children that science can be stimulating and exciting, as well as practical. Santa Maria has had a great time facilitating these activities and is eagerly looking forward to next year’s science week.

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