Out and About with Ashleigh Baker (2014)

Ashleigh Baker is a graduate of the Class of 2014. She currently works as a radio announcer at MAX FM in Taree, New South Wales.

What has your journey been since leaving Santa Maria College?

I went to university in 2015 to complete my Radio and Sound Degree at Murdoch Uni. This was so much fun and some of the most interesting times I’ve had so far. I finished my degree in 2017 then went on to take some time to work in a sales job while still working at a community radio station, to keep working on my dream career.

In 2019, I decided to apply for the Postgraduate in Broadcasting at ECU and I got into the 2020 class. Even with all the interruptions that 2020 brought this was still an incredible experience and helped push my career on the path that it is on today.

What has been a highlight along the way?

Some of my greatest highlights came in 2020 while working on my postgrad. I got to work alongside people I had admired for years in broadcasting and learn from some of the best. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for them and their inspiration.

What is one of your fondest memories from your time at Santa Maria College?

I was a part of the swimming and athletics teams every year that I was at Santa. Training with the team, going to the competitions, and spending time with the girls on those teams would have to be some of my best memories. You always knew they had your back in and out of competitions.

In what ways is your work important to people who are currently, and have been repeatedly, in lockdown in NSW.

I am making sure that people have up-to-date information regarding the current lockdown across NSW, as my station is classified as an emergency service. I have had a few emergency situations around me since my move at the beginning of March as there was major flooding in my area then that affected a lot of people.  

I am also making sure that listeners are hearing good news throughout their day. There is a lot of so-called ‘bad news’ all over places like social media these days, so I make sure that I have some fun, interesting, and local stories on my show every day.

At MAX FM we make sure we get as much input from the local area on the music we play too, so that people are feeling extra included and they have people to interact with, even if they must stay at home.

It is a great job to have and I am glad that I can help out where I can during such extraordinary times.

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