Out and About with Cassie Silver (2006)

What has your journey been since leaving Santa Maria College?

It’s hard to believe 15 years have passed since a teenage Cassie Silver graduated. With no idea of the trials and tribulations ahead, I naively ventured into adulthood. So far, it has been such an amazing journey filled with personal and professional milestones and an abundance of gratitude and self-development on the way.

Throughout my days at Santa Maria College, if I wasn’t in a class, I was dancing, singing, performing, or had an instrument in my hands. As Year 12 Music Captain, I have the fondest memories of music camp and the countless drama productions and interschool dance competitions. As public speaking champion for four consecutive years, little did I know this skill would be my bread and butter in my almost decade long career to come. I believed my career path was set when leaving school and If I had pursued it, I would have become a music teacher; as my first university degree began at WAPPA in the jazz performance music program specialising in the bass guitar.

My purpose shifted and I realised journalism and television broadcasting was more my tune. I completed a Bachelor of Communications at Edith Cowan University majoring in both Journalism and Broadcasting. Growing up watching household names such as Susannah Carr and Rick Ardon from Channel 7 news, I chased the dream of working for the country’s highest-rated current affairs program with the Seven Network. Diversification was the key to my success, so it wasn’t the end of WAAPA for me. I returned to complete a post-graduate in TV & radio and continued to pave the way towards my career goals.

I spent more than seven years as a senior journalist with Today Tonight and won multiple journalism awards, sharing incredible stories and traveling the world. My TV career created opportunities I never knew existed and became a sought-after MC and host for many national conferences and awards night ceremonies. As my publicised career developed, so did my skills and attributes, naturally, my professional desires followed suit. My decision to leave the Seven Network stemmed from a philosophical attitude towards diversification and adaptability.

Passion and purpose fuelled my next projects. I became a mental health ambassador and public speaker for the Happiness Co, an advertising executive, and an international documentary film producer working with companies such as the American Broadcasting Company. Today I am the owner of successful multifaceted media agency Silver Lining & Co, specialising in video content creation, copywriting, media training, and advertising.

What has been a highlight along the way?

In terms of personal milestones, marrying the love of my life and soul mate Byron in 2019 was a celebration that could never be recreated. Discovering we couldn’t conceive naturally; we tackled the IVF world head-on together, with many unsuccessful rounds and heartache.

Finding the silver lining in everything I do has always been my motto and discovering I was infertile was the driving force behind launching the Australian podcast “What To Expect When You’re Injecting”. Affecting one in six couples, I wanted to take listeners on a journey through IVF and infertility, with all the highs and lows of trying to make a baby with a bit of science and a lot of love. The informative and humorous podcast centred around infertility is now number 33 in the country in the health category, complete with major sponsors and a growing community around the world. With the support of friends, family, and the ‘trying to conceive’ community behind us, we were able to recently share our exciting news of a successful IVF round, with our first son due in January 2022.

What is one of your fondest memories from your time at Santa Maria College?

When I look back on my fondest memories at Santa Maria, I always end up reflecting on my years committed to the music, drama, and public speaking programs at school. Whether it’s being the MC for a mate’s wedding, or playing the piano in a holiday hotel lobby; there have been countless times I can honestly look back to my high school days as a testament to these moments in life.

So what’s next for me? I plan on using many of life’s lessons including those learned from Santa Maria College to help me grow as a businesswoman, grow as a wife and grow as a mother.

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