From The Head of Boarding: Week 10, Term 2, 2020

Questions to ask instead of “How was your day?”
Adolescents can be hard to get answers out of at the end of a long day at school. When asked how their day was the response is often “OK!”.

Here are 10 questions you could ask your boarding daughter at the end of the day instead of “How was your day?” 

  1. What was the best part of your day? 
  2. What was the best thing that happened to you today?
  3. Who did you get the chance to help today?
  4. What was the funniest part of your day? Who made you belly laugh today?
  5. What is something you are grateful for having seen, heard, or been a part of?
  6. What is something new you learnt today? About someone, about the world, in a class, about yourself
  7. What is the best conversation you had today?
  8. What are you most proud of today?
  9. What made you feel happy today?
  10. What and/or who made you feel loved today? 

Boarder’s Backyard – Indoors, Friday 12 June 

Most of the Year 9 students had a fun afternoon with Mrs Carmody. We all went to the Recreation Centre and we started playing charades. Well, this was very interesting; Reeve’s was definitely the funniest as she had to act out kidnapping but to us, it looked like she was compacting 20 things into a box!!! After we finished having our laughing fit, we moved onto playing pool. It was Grace and Zoey against Mrs Carmody and Zarah. There was plenty of missed shots but Zarah and Mrs Carmody came out on top. This was definitely the best afternoon in Boarding!! 

Reeve Misiuepa and Ava Bennier – Year 9 

Dinner at the Mile, Friday 12 June 

On Friday night, 10 of the Year 12 students went out for dinner up the road at the Mile. Some of us had curry from the Indian restaurant and some of us had pizza from the Dough Room. Those of us who had pizza sat across the road at the Park because we were unable to sit at the restaurant due to COVID-19. The girls who had curry at the Indian restaurant were able to sit outside at the restaurant.

We decided that the pizza and curry we had eaten from the restaurants was some of the best we’d had, it was very highly rated by us all. Some of the pizza we had were Isola (ham, cheese and pineapple) and Fremantle (prosciutto, rocket, mozzarella and parmesan).  We were accompanied by Mrs Webster on our way back from dinner. We all really enjoyed being out for dinner. 
Rowena Flanders – Year 12

Carousel Shopping, Saturday 12 June and Sunday 13 June 

A response of excitement and squeals of joy was an understatement when the boarders were told that we had planned to take them to Carousel for shopping! They were all so appreciative of being able to spend some money and treat themselves to pretzels, boost juice, a new item of clothing or simply just a change of scenery.  

It was exciting, being able to go out for shopping since isolation. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was a relief that everything was starting to get back to normal. Even though shops in Carousel only allowed a certain amount of people, we were still able to go to all our favourite shops to try on and buy a lot of clothes.
Cassidy Della Bosca – Year 11  

On Sunday, a few of us went on a shopping trip to Carousel. The group I went with consisted of mostly Year 10 students with a few Years 7 and 9 students also. It was great to be out of the Boarding house for a few hours so that we weren’t in all weekend. We had two hours there, it went really fast though. Most of the Year 10 girls went and got pretzels from the Pretzel shop, everyone had a bite of each other’s to see who had the best one, they were all really good. 

Emmi Duff  – Year 10 

Silent Disco Friday 20 June and Saturday 21 June  

The Silent Disco was a night enjoyed by Boarding Supervisors, Vanessa Carmody, relief supervisor Kayla Ferraz and all Year groups across all Houses. It was two hours of dancing and singing and fun and laughter. The Year 10s chose to have PJ theme and the Year 7s dressed up ‘whacky disco style’. We think that this will be a popular event for many years to come!  

The girls are still taking about it! Some comments from the girls are:
‘Can we do this every weekend? Kim Muzambwa

‘That was awesome!’ Ebony Flavel 

‘My legs are still sore from dancing so much!’ Hannah Abbott

It was such a fantastic night! A huge thanks to Kayla Ferraz for being such a star supervisor and organiser of equipment across both nights!  

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