Santa Maria College Offers The Most Endorsed Programs Of Any School

School Curriculum & Standards Authority, visited Santa Maria this week to review the College’s Year 12 students offerings for Endorsed Programs.

An endorsed program is a significant learning program that has been developed for senior secondary students. The program may have been developed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority, or it may have been developed by a private provider or a school and subsequently endorsed by the Authority.

Each endorsed program consists of a series of lessons, classes and/or activities designed to lead to the achievement of a common goal or set of learning outcomes. Endorsed programs can be delivered as part of the school curriculum or as extra-curricular activities. (from the SCASA website)

Santa Maria offers more endorsed units than any other school in Perth and it includes the following:

  • Workplace Learning
  • Recreational Pursuits, for those students who belong to a local club
  • Elite Sports Performance for students who compete at a state, national or international level
  • Administration & Management (Leadership) for students who hold leadership positions at the College
  • Community Service for those students who have completed more than 55 hours of service
  • Off-campus Enrichment Program for students who have attended a College Tour
  • School Production for those students who have been involved in the College Production.

Leanne was delighted with the standard of work contained in each of these portfolios. Each portfolio exceeded the minimum requirements and are examples to other schools.

Endorsed Programs are important to students, not only for graduation requirements where necessary but also as a permanent summary of their achievements. I would like to thank the individual teacher coordinators who spend so much time ensuring that all standards are met.

If you have any questions about Endorsed Programs please contact Maryanne Hughes, Head of Careers & VET & ACCESS Co-ordinator.

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