Technology Day Celebrations

Technology Day gives us a moment to stop and appreciate the incredible networks, devices and connections that link our modern world. The power of technology, however, originates in humans and in our need to connect.

Technology & Commerce is the Learning Area responsible for Accounting, Business, Media and Technology courses. We aim to create learners who are confident and capable of changing their worlds through positive interactions with technology.

We celebrated Technology Day at the College today with some exciting activities both in class and during breaks:

  • Virtual reality sessions
  • Photography (macro and portrait) workshops
  • Logo games and quizzes
  • Photography scavenger hunts
  • Podcasting workshops
  • Discovering the timeline of the internet
  • Interactive games using artificial intelligence
  • Robotics displays by Ignite and Year 8 Robotics and Coding

We also displayed the finalists and entries for the Logo Competition, where the challenge was to design a new logo for Technology & Commerce. Voting for this is still continuing in classes. The popular Pubbles Photography Competition also went ahead this year. The winners will be announced next week.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in setting up and running of activities, and for a successful Technology Day!

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