The Mentoring Project Kicks Off

Jacqui Daniels, OGA Coordinator

This session was really enjoyable to finally meet and get to know one another. We were both able to outline our goals and expectations from each other while also discussing similar interests and hobbies allowing us to form a base relationship that will be developed throughout the year. Also making sure, of course, we allowed some time to discuss differences between both of our times boarding at Santa, most importantly what the food was and is like now. It was a really enjoyable evening for all the mentors and mentees to get to know each other, and we are looking forward to the relationships that will develop in the year ahead.

Gracie Clune & Kate Tippet

Alayne and I were blown away by how well matched we are and how many common interests we shared. Alayne and I chatted for so long, and almost missed out on the sausage rolls provided by the school. Hopefully, this program allows us to form a unique and supportive friendship.

Alayne Bennett (1999) & Dilara Wijesinghe

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