Volunteers Build Community – Jennifer Oaten Principal

As human beings, we need to feel a sense of belonging. That sense of belonging is the foundation for developing relationships throughout our lives. Communities help us to establish these relationships. A community is a group of individuals connected by an attribute which links us together and is made up of like-minded people who make us feel uplifted, encouraged, inspired, and supported by each other.

As a College, I believe our sense of community is one of our strengths. In 2019 our Mercy Value of Hospitality is our focus and links very closely to developing a sense of community where we welcome the stranger and create a friendly space where everyone is included.

Our volunteers play an important role in organising and serving at our events and welcoming and encouraging families to join together and build the Santa Maria community.  For this, I am most grateful.

This year, we have already had many events organised or supported by our wonderful volunteers including the:

Thank you to each and every one of you who volunteered your time to make these events a success.

For any new parents who would like to be involved in our Parent Council, Parent Network, Santa Ministry, Santa Assist, Boarders’ Parent Group or our Men of Santa (our Mozzies), please contact our Community Relations Department crd@santamaria.wa.edu.au

Parents participating in a discussion during Santa Maria College's 'Parent Voice' evening, highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusion in education.

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