Weddings Start Again

On 27 September 2020 Lia Pascoe (2014) married James Sly at Santa Maria College Chapel.

This wedding was a long-awaited celebration that had been rescheduled from April this year due to COVID restrictions. However, COVID aside, it was not without further drama.

Fr Renald was the priest when Lia worked in Kalgoorlie and is currently the Parish Priest at Moora. He had mass at 11.30 am in Moora and jumped straight in the car to officiate at the wedding. He arrived at the church at the same time as the bride, at 1.40 pm for a 1.30 pm wedding! Fr Renald was very taken by the chapel and the College grounds so hopefully, we will see him back saying mass for the boarders.

Lia and James chose to get married at the College Chapel as Lia has a strong connection to the school. She currently works at the College and her sister, Ashleigh Vidovich Pascoe, (2006), and her friends were also married at the College. 

Lia’s family and friends (who travelled from Kalgoorlie) were blown away with the beauty of the College grounds and the Chapel. It was a gorgeous day, and everything ran very smoothly until the fire alarm went off at the reception centre and the fire brigade turned up after the first dance. Fortunately, it was a false alarm and the rest of the evening went off without a hitch.



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