Year 7s Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross, or Way of the Cross is a Catholic devotion which commemorates the last day of Jesus’ life. Each ‘station’ reflects an event on his final journey to crucifixion at Golgotha or the Place of the Skull (Mk 15,22).

The last day of Jesus life was unspeakably hard and painful. For Year 7 students it would probably seem impossible that people could treat each other this way. However, what it shows is that Jesus is truly human and that He understands the suffering and pain that humanity can bring.

Rather than focus solely on the grisly details of Jesus’ last day, the Stations of the Cross which the Year 7s participated in, were very reflective and allowed students to consider their own actions, thoughts and words. Through a series of questions, they were given the time to think about the ‘steps’ or ‘stations’ which many people walk in this life and the suffering which people endure. The College Chapel is a beautiful, peaceful place we are blessed to enjoy.

As we approach the most important part of the liturgical year, I hope the Year 7s are ready to make Easter a meaningful and spiritual experience. Here is what some of the Year 7s had to say.

During our religion class we went to the chapel and I learnt that Jesus loved us so much that he sacrificed his life for us. He was also very obedient because God asked him to sacrifice his life and even though he may have thought against it, he still followed his father’s orders. I felt really appreciative and amazed that Jesus loved us that much. 

I think doing the stations of the cross was really enjoyable and it gave us a better understanding of what Jesus experienced. I learnt so much about his journey to save our lives from sin. 

The stations of the cross help to get us ready for the worst part of Jesus life. But after that, we can rejoice in the resurrection. 

 Happy and Holy Easter

Clare O’Connor, Head of Religious Education

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